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Things to look at when choosing a Primary Care Physician
primary care physicians in Queens New York
Mar 10, 2024 220 views

A personal family doctor is not just a doctor but a healthcare partner for life. Dr. Mohammed Wahid from Safe Medical Care PLLC in Queens, New York prioritizes the importance of a personal physician both in personal and family life. We believe that having a family doctor means fewer visits to the hospital and lower medical costs. Personal doctors not only diagnose, they treat and prevent illness. They also educate patients for a healthy life.

95% of the complaints a patient makes in the initial stage are solvable without any complex procedure by a personal healthcare clinician. This may look fancy, but enough research supports the statement.  Here are some of the important reasons why you should think about having a personal physician in Jamaica for you and your family-

Insurance and Healthcare Savings

An emergency visit to a doctor can cost over $1000. This gets higher when the complexity of the emergency is deep. A primary care physician saves you almost five times less than this. At the same time, they reduce the chance of emergency visits to a clinic to a greater extent. 

If you have insurance, the coverage surely pays for the cost. Insurance plans are accepted by many primary care physicians in Jamaica, NY. You can just make an appointment with the primary care physicians who are part of your insurance provider network. In an emergency situation your insurance covers your diagnosis, treatment, and medication costs. Safe Medical Care PLLC accepts most of the insurance plans. Some of them are Medicare, Medicaid, Molina, Healthfirst, Humana, Magnacare, Metroplus, etc. are accepted by the PCPs for you and your family.

Whole Body Checkup

General practitioners are aware of your past and present medical conditions. Based on the information and previous reports, they can check for other vital signs and symptoms of illness. This keeps your medical report updated. During a regular whole-body checkup, the following information is usually checked-

  • Irregularity in blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature

  • Physical examination

  • Immunization history

  • Mental health screening

  • Other screenings (cholesterol, blood glucose, urinalysis, x-ray,)

  • Vaccination report

Remember that your personal physician will only do the tests that are necessary for your well-being. All the tests mentioned above may not be necessary. Safe Medical Care PLLC performs whole-body checkups by expert practitioners. The clinic is renowned for accurate and up-to-date medical reports.

Suggestion of Preventive Care

Before prescribing any medication, a good physician in Queens will look for suitable preventive options. They are your counselor for a healthy lifestyle. By providing guidelines and fixing parameters in different sections of your life, they would try to reduce the chance of chronic diseases. This includes-

  • Helping you to select a proper dietary plan

  • Helping you in choosing cardiovascular and physical exercise

  • Removing drug and alcohol addiction or limiting alcohol consumption

  • Managing weight and obesity

  • Sleep scheduling

  • Mental exercises for mental well-being

Treatment Plan

Not all patients who come to a physician can stay well with only preventive care options. Some require prescribed medication and a proper treatment plan. A primary care physician in such a place will guide you with a proper treatment plan. If required, your personal doctor will prescribe medications, modifications, or even therapy for overall well-being.

Referrals when needed

A personal practitioner may not solve all your problems, especially when the problem is complex and demands professional support. For example, cancer patients need more than primary care. The same is true for cardiovascular diseases. When your family doctor detects such requirements, they will refer you to a specific sector or specific doctor. Reference makes it much easier to get better treatment. 

Healthcare Education

A healthcare physician educates you about your health and its needs. The only way to solve any problem is to be aware of the problem. They make you aware of any changes in your lifestyle. They give suggestions on diet, exercise and advice on unhealthy habits. This brings benefits not only for your personal life but also for your family members.  When they find out that you are aware of your health and healthcare, they tend to become aware as well.  It is by example that we learn.

Things to look at when choosing a Primary Care Physician

The first thing to look at is whether the clinic that provides your personal and family doctor is equipped with the latest medical knowledge and experience. The range of available services, availability, and accessibility of the clinic are some of the other things worth considering. At the same time, look for whether the clinic ensures a welcoming environment or not. In Queens, Safe Medical Care PLLC is a perfect example of it. The community around New York loves the clinic because of its high quality primary care, qualified doctors and warm ambience of the clinic. The supportive internal medicine doctors and a location in Queens, New York make the clinic more welcoming and accessible to the patients. Consider the clinic if you are on a search for the best family doctor for you and your family in Queens.