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Discover how lifestyle counseling can help to achieve healthier habits and overall well-being.
Apr 20, 2024 186 views

Your daily habits have a significant impact on your health and well being. Starting from your eating habits to sleeping cycle all of these together form the structure of your health condition. Proper management of healthy behaviors will keep you protected from diseases. But because of practicing unhealthy behaviors you can develop long term health issues. 

Role Of Primary Care Physicians in Disease Prevention

Your primary care doctor is not there only to give you treatment for your illness. They are also there to give you proper advice on how to avoid diseases in the first place. Dr. Mohammed Wahid, your primary care doctor in Queens, New York will share his tips on some of the lifestyle behaviors that can help you prevent diseases. 

Recommended Tips For Your Lifestyle Modification 

Follow these healthier habits to improve your overall health condition.

Eat Healthy Food 

Your choice of food can make or break your health. Your unhealthy food habits like eating too much sweet, fast food, or other food items make your body vulnerable to diseases. These foods make you gain more weight. Your organs are also affected as fat accumulates in them. You must eat home cooked meals. Make sure you get proper nutrition from your diet. Also, you should eat food items that have high fiber. This will make your gut healthy and help make your immune system strong.

You can take help from our primary care doctor whether or not you have health issues. We can identify the nutritional element your body requires or needs to get rid of. Based on that we will provide you with a customized diet plan mentioning how many calories you need daily. We will also say which food you should eat and which you have to avoid.

Exercise Regularly 

If you are a couch potato then you must start physical exercise regularly. If you exercise every morning or evening you can ensure both physical and mental well being. Physical movement makes your muscles and bones strong. It helps with your blood circulation. For this reason your cells get proper amount of oxygen and nutrition. If you have an overweight issue then you can burn extra calories. Regular exercise helps to make your mind refreshed. You can consult with our internal medicine doctor for recommendations on exercises suitable for your body type and needs. 

Ensure a Proper Sleep Routine

Your sleep quality determines your energy level and motivation to work throughout the day. When you sleep your body focuses on repairing your system. The tissues of your body that are damaged during the day get repaired in your sleep. Ensuring proper sleep is also important for your brain health. Your brain can focus more clearly on things when you follow a healthy sleep schedule. 

Ensuring a proper sleep routine is easy. You have to sleep and wake up around the same time every day including weekends. You can take a warm shower or read your favorite book to make your sleep quality better and relaxing. If you have any sleeping issues then visit our primary care doctor in Queens. They will identify the underlying reasons for your sleep deprivation and provide you with proper treatment.

Manage Your Stress Level

The secret to a healthy body and mind is a relaxed mental condition. If you want to keep yourself safe from long term health conditions then make sure your stress level is under control. When your blood carries stress hormones for a long time it affects your overall physical and mental health. So for proper stress management you can spend time in nature or with your favorite people to divert your mind. Physical exercises like yoga can also help you reduce stress. 

Primary care can help you with stress management. Our professional doctors are skilled at identifying the root cause of your stress. After analyzing your issues we will recommend counseling, treatment, medication, and other possible solutions.

Quit Smoking

Every package of cigarettes clearly states its deadly consequences. Quitting smoking means you are keeping yourself safe from several preventable diseases like lung cancer, respiratory issues, and so on. You can attempt to quit smoking on your own as well as take help from our internal doctor. We have different programs that help people like you adapt to a lifestyle without smoking. You can take counseling, nicotine replacement therapy or medications to come back to a healthy lifestyle.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

Lifestyle modification is incomplete if you don’t limit your alcohol consumption. Excess amounts of alcohol entering your body can damage your heart, lungs, kidneys and other organs. So if you are a heavy drinker limit your drink to around 1-2 drinks a day. If you are unable to set your limit you can seek help from our primary care doctor. We will provide you with guidance on responsible drinking.

Build Social Connection

Your relationship with family, friends and community members can help you improve your mental and emotional well being. Share your emotions and thoughts with them to build connections. You can join social groups or participate in voluntary activities to spend your leisure time. This will help you overcome the feeling of loneliness and reduce depression. If you find it difficult to build social connections, seek help from our internal physician. We will give you counseling and recommend you to support groups.

Safe Medical Care

Safe Medical Care PLLC offers the best primary care services in Queens, New York. We have both primary care physicians and internal medicine doctors. We have great experience to handle wide range of health issues. We provide best quality healthcare services. You can come to us for routine checkups, vaccinations, or manage chronic diseases. 

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How does a healthy lifestyle help to prevent diseases?

Eating healthy provides proper nutrition for your body. Avoiding alcohol and cigarettes keeps your internal organs clean. Also doing exercise regularly keeps you fit and your immune system strong. A good quality sleep helps your brain function properly. All of these lifestyle behaviors work together to keep you safe from diseases.

Why is lifestyle modification important in disease management?

Most of your diseases are caused due to practicing unhealthy lifestyles. Your body starts to heal on its own when you change your unhealthy habits. This way the internal factors that could have led to causing diseases get removed. This is how lifestyle modification plays a role in disease management. Our primary care doctors will suggest you lifestyle modifications after assessment.