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Know the five reasons why regular check-ups is important for maintaining optimal health in Queens
Regular Health Checkups in Queens
Jun 10, 2024 123 views

Do you want to lower the number of emergency room visits? Then you should go for regular health checkups at primary care clinics. Your unhealthy lifestyle, lack of sleep or excessive stress is influencing the development of life threatening diseases. 

In this blog, our professional PCP in Queens, Dr. Mohammed Wahid, MD, will tell you how regular health assessments can lower your risk of developing long-term diseases.

Who Needs Regular Health Checkups?

Everyone needs regular health checkups for their well being. You are healthy today. But it doesn’t mean you don’t have risk factors that can develop into diseases in the future. The number of checkups you need depends on different factors. Your age, gender and health history all together determine it. Children need it to monitor their growth and development. Adults need it to identify risk factors for future diseases. Older adults should do it to manage their chronic conditions.

5 Reasons Why Regular Health Check Ups are Important

Regular medical assessments help you and the PCP identify your the early signs of disease. It increases your chance of effective treatment. The checkup is a part of your routine primary care. You should consult your primary care physician even if you feel healthy. We get ideas about your lifestyle through these wellness checks and advise modifications when needed.

Preventive Care

Preventive care is hassle free solution to the complex and stressful medical process. Your body gives many warning signs of illness. But you often overlook these symptoms due to your busy work schedules. These minor illnesses progress with time and become life threatening. You can prevent this from happening by visiting our primary care providers regularly in Queens. 

We measure your blood sugar to identify whether you are prediabetic. We check your blood pressure, pulse, eye or mouth to look for signs of abnormality. We also analyze your medical records, family history, and medications. It helps us to determine your risk factors for developing specific diseases. 

Keep Your Vaccination Record Updated

Periodic health checkups are important for keeping your vaccination record up to date. You need vaccines to prevent communicable diseases. We review your immunization history during your checkups. We administer any necessary vaccines including booster doses. We make sure you stay current with vaccinations and get protection from spreadable diseases. Such as influenza, hepatitis and tetanus. 

Monitor Chronic Conditions

Hypertension, increased blood sugar and high cholesterol are some of the chronic diseases people suffer from. These can lead to the cause of various other health issues if not monitored. 

We monitor your chronic conditions in these check up. We check your blood pressure. We suggest blood tests to look into your cholesterol levels and other health concerns. We assess the progression of the disease. We adjust treatment plans as needed to maintain optimal health. You will have a lower risk of having heart attacks, strokes or kidney disorders if chronic conditions are managed properly.  

Saves Your Health Care Costs

Do you consider yearly checkups as an added expense? Then you are wrong. It actually saves your healthcare costs. You have to spend a hefty sum when your illnesses progress to serious phases. You have to get hospitalized, get advanced diagnoses and take expensive medications. However, you can prevent diseases from developing or slow down their progress through periodic evaluations. 

We check your vital signs, do physical examinations and order laboratory tests. We also ask you about your lifestyle, food habits, social life and family history to understand the overall condition of your health. We identify potential diseases and early stage diseases that do not usually show any symptoms. Such as hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol. We provide you with personalized interventions early. This helps to manage your conditions and prevent them from becoming serious. So eventually it may seem like an extra expense at the beginning. But it is actually cost effective solution when you think about the future.

Eliminates Further Growth of Your Disease

You can slow down the growth of life threatening diseases like cancer through annual medical assessments. Usually, these conditions do not show symptoms in the initial stage. You experience signs when they reach the advanced stage. Your chances for successful treatment decrease with the increase in complications. We recommend cancer screenings during your annual physical appointment. We suggest mammography for breast cancer and Pap Tests for cervical cancer screening. We also order you colonoscopy, and stool tests for colorectal cancer screening. These screenings can detect abnormalities in your body before symptoms appear. You can begin your treatment at an early stage and have a higher chance of getting completely recovered. 

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